Our Wines

CHARDONNAYFRONTA unique white wine blend of 90% unoaked Chardonnay and 10% Riesling.  Light-bodied and dry with refreshingly-crisp acidity, you can enjoy traditional Riesling flavors of green apple and green pear complemented by hints of minerality.  Pairs well with a variety of dishes featuring chicken or fish, and perfect for sipping while reading a good book.



FALLINGROCKFRONTFalling Rock is a semi-sweet red blend crafted to be the ultimate easy-drinking, food-friendly wine.  Intense fruit aromas and flavors of cherry, cranberry, and strawberry emanate from this dark, medium-bodied wine.   Moderate acidity and residual sugar are complemented by buttery tones from the malolactic fermentation.  Pair this with an assortment of barbeque foods, use it as the base for a Sangria, or share it to liven up a party!


GALWAYROCKMERLOT (3)Unique compared to other wines crafted with this varietal, Galway Rock Merlot is light-bodied with hues of deep ruby that are reminiscent of a fine Barolo.  Hints of pepper, mint, and anise dance on the palate, imparting its earthiness and spiciness long on the finish.  Complements a wide range of meat dishes, spicy meals and salads featuring peppercorn, or enjoyed as a stand-alone remedy for thirst.

ROCKSLIDEFRONTRock Slide is a semi-sweet wine that features a blend of some of the best French-American hybrid varietals including Cayuga White and Vignoles.  More striking than its crystal-clear blonde appearance or intense fruit flavors is the versatility of foods this wine complements; Rock Slide can be used as a base for white Sangria, paired with heavy, complex meals like Thanksgiving, or used to liven up an otherwise dull fruit-and-cheese platter.  Balanced residual sugar and acidity in this light-bodied wine coats the mouth, allowing you to savor its essence longer.

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